Maine Equine
This page is going to expose those who collect a pay check and choose to look the other way
rather than do their job.
Their jobs, in part for some, and in whole for others, are to enforce the laws that are for the very animals who DEPEND on humans to speak for them and protect them.
These jobs required that they take an oath of office to uphold the laws of the
State Of Maine without fear or favor.
Liam Hughes - Director of Maine State Animal Welfare, Augusta, Maine

When Liam Hughes took his position on Sept. 11, 2011, he was quoted as saying:  ..."we are judged by how we treat our animals."

His past experience was with the Washington, DC Humane Society and dealt with mostly dogs, cats and some wildlife (that live in Washington's parks). 

The current Animal Welfare Department superceded a smaller department that came under scrutiny after many complaints.  (sound familiar?)

Mr. Hughes originally enrolled in a CVS Pharmacy Manager's program... and holds a degree in Photography.

..."he became certified as an animal control officer, providing services to four New Jersey towns in two counties. He went on to become an animal cruelty investigator and shelter manager at several New Jersey organizations and worked as an animal care supervisor in Cheyenne, WY."

Sure doesn't appear that there is a great deal of large animal experience here, yet if you ask, the requirements for this position require that you have a background and experience. 

Liam Hughes TRAINS all Animal Control Officers who work under his guidance in local towns, villages and cities.  Is he really qualified to do that?  According to Liam Hughes, if a horse's ears are laid back he can't see you!!!!

He might be better equipped to handle dogs, cats and some squirrels...

Contact him and tell him what you think:
877-269-9200 (Toll Free)
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Darrell Crandall - Aroostook County Sheriff

Originally, this past winter, Sheriff Crandall was notified by one of his own deputies that there was an issue concerning the horses on the North Road in Houlton.  Sheriff Crandall stated:  "We take animal cruelty very seriously" and said he would check into the issue.

A few minutes later, Sheriff Crandall responded via email that he had spoken with the Houlton Police Chief and was now briefed on the matter.  He stated that his office would not get involved unless asked. 

That deputy went on to document the conditions at the farm for the rest of the winter and was fired for his efforts. He never trespassed to get that information, and never represented himself as a police officer or deputy sheriff.  The Sheriff told him on the day he was told to resign or be fired: "If it was dogs out there, I would be right with you"

One person emailed him asking him what he was going to do about this, and his response was that he was going to shut down his email until "the full moon was over and all the crazies go away".....

Another person called and was told "It's not our jurisdiction"....

REALLY?  Last time I looked, Aroostook County included ALL of this area. 

Contact him and tell him what you think:
207 532 3471
Christina (Chrissy) Perry McFarland - State Animal Welfare Agent - State of Maine

Chrissy has been monitoring this case for the past three years, according to officials at the Animal Welfare office.  These visits ranged from bi-monthly to DAILY depending on who you spoke with at that office, and we were assured over and over that Chrissy was well trained and that they trusted her judgement on the condition of the horses at this farm.

Chrissy has never once given a summons for failure of this owner to provide water and shelter. She's been on site and seen the conditions there.  Others have been there and will attest that there is NOT room for all the horses to take shelter.  There are police reports of no water.  There are statements from motorists about the horses being lose along the busy US 1 Highway outside their pens.  She told one person that the owner had 12 hours to move the horses back to pasture!!!!  Not on a highway where people's lives are at stake.... 

In March, Chrissy was shown the horses at the pump station where there was NO shelter all winter.  She DID NOT KNOW THESE HORSES WERE EVEN THERE.  What kind of monitoring is that, Chrissy?

Contact her and tell her what you think:
207 592 1057

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